Use Lawn Edgers To Give Nice, Neat and Elegant Look To Your Lawn

Black & Decker LE750 Edge Hog 2-1/4 HP Electric Landscape Edger

Lawn edgers are one of the most important lawn care equipment. With precise cutting near the edges and corners, the edgers give the lawn a perfect look and elegant styling. There are a large number of varieties of lawn edgers available in the market, with distinctions like cutting mechanisms, power sources, etc. Here, is a quick guide about various types of lawn edger and how to buy the best lawn edgers.

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There are a large number of lawn edger available in the market. However, one needs to understand their requirement before choosing a machine.

• Lawn Size
For a very small lawn, a manual edger is a good choice, as there is very small quantity of work to be done. For a medium sized lawn, an electric edger is a good choice while for a large sized lawn, the gas powered edger is the best.
When you have a small lawn you should prefer a small machine, if you think you can use your muscle power, a manual edger will be best. Manual edger is the cheapest of all. However, when the lawns are medium or large sized, it becomes impossible to use a manual edger. In such cases, gas or electric edgers are preferred.

• Cutting Mechanism
The edgers come in two kinds of variants in cutting mechanism. The first kind is string cutter which is low cost, but requires maintenance as the string gets damaged after a while. The other kind is blade cutters, these are costly to purchase but they are designed to last.

• Handheld vs Walk Behind
There is another category of edger’s, these are handheld and walk-behind. The handheld edger needs to be pushed from behind while the walk-behind edger is self-driven. These self-driven edgers require a lesser effort to move them.

• Features
When buying a edger please ensure to look for the safety and other features. There are a large number of features like Kill Switch, Centrifugal Clutch, etc. which vary from variants to variants. The cost of the edger depends on these features.

Types of Lawn Edgers

There are three types of lawn edgers in the market.

1. Manual Edger
• Very Low Cost
• Ideal for small lawns
• Takes manual power to trim the edges
• Zero Maintenance
• Long Life

2. Gas Powered Edger
• Come in two engine types two stroke and four stroke
– Two-Stroke Edger is a small engine but takes high maintenance. It requires mixing of oil in fuel to run.
– Four-Stroke Engines are heavy to carry
• Two-Stroke is cheaper than four stroke
• Two-Stroke for smaller areas, while four stroke is suitable for larger areas.

3. Electric Powered Edger
• Eco-Friendly Edger with zero emission
• Low maintenance
• No noise while running
• Lighter than gas variants
• Most suitable for medium sized lawns
• Comes in two variants corded and cordless
– Corded variants take power from an electric point, so cannot be used on remote farms in fields.
– Cordless variants run on battery so they need to be charged before each use. Disadvantage of cordless variants is limited hours of operations.

Lawn edger gives a very neat, clean and elegant appearance to the lawns.The guide will definitely help you to narrow down the most suitable type of the edger. There is a variant which is designed to meet a specific requirement. One needs to understand their own requirement before thinking and selecting an edger. The user must think about the location type, the usage type, the user’s physical capacity, lawn size, cutting mechanism, etc. before making a choice.